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...On the Record!

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Rising Costs, Inflation, and Job Security: If families have to cut costs, so must the government!

As costs rise, tax burdens need to come down. We can improve the economy through tax reform and less government spending. Tax policies should promote economic growth, not penalize it.

Minnesota ranks as the 6th highest-taxed state- a costly place to be in times of inflation!  Businesses in “low-tax” states have competitive advantages due to Minnesota’s excessive government-imposed taxes, fees, and regulations.

In light of a troubled economy, it’s time to be competitive and promote financial security!  A well-educated workforce, lower taxes, and reasonable regulations will attract private investment and create job growth with strong wages!


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Public Safety: Confronting the Threats!


Violent crime in MN has risen 42.5%, murders up 71.8% and aggravated assaults increased 62.7%- all since 2019! Yet some politicians still want to go “soft on crime!” Instead of “Defunding Police,” we need to strengthen police and improve their training; increase sentences for repeat violent criminals; and promote youth intervention programs to divert kids from crime.

In Minnesota, more deaths occur from drug overdose than car accidents! Drug use is on the rise! Treatment is needed for those trapped in addiction and strong sentences for drug traffickers.

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Education: Put Students First and Promote Education Excellence! 


Nearly 46% of our entire state budget goes to public education and yet kids are falling behind! Due to the Covid disruption, only 56% of high schoolers are proficient in reading and only 37% are proficient in math! We need core academics and evidence-based teaching methods; secure balance in state funding in order to provide quality education for all children and continue school safety funding to protect kids at school.


Listening to parents, we must keep local control of our schools, and encourage creative methods and innovative reforms that give kids an exceptional learning experience! In addition, maintain public transparency of curriculums and a neutral learning environment that eliminates opinion-based leading of political ideologies in the classroom.


To keep university costs down, freeze college tuition, audit college, and university budgets, promote college credits during high school years, and improve vocational and technical trade offerings.

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Transportation: It's About Priorities!


We have done well in promoting local improvements on Highways 494, 94, and 610. Instead of raising more gas tax or auto sales tax for future roads and bridges, we must first exhaust all other funding opportunities:

Continue the use of bonding (loans at current record-low rates) to freeze costs and start new construction without delay.

Focus first on unfinished projects to free-up metropolitan bottlenecks that slow the system.

Continue to scrutinize every aspect of state spending and direct the savings of duplicated and wasteful government spending on transportation improvements or other needful priorities.

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