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...On the Record!

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Public Safety: Facing the Threats!


With violent crime on the rise, some politicians want to go soft on criminals while defunding police agencies!

The sad Minnesota reality! More deaths occur in Minnesota from drug overdose than car accidents! Due to the demand, sex trafficking is on the rise! In our urban core, incidents of violent assault are alarmingly higher than last year… and expected to ripple into the suburbs!


This is not the time to go soft on criminals! Strong sentences for drug suppliers, sex traffickers, and those who brutalize the innocent must remain in our laws. While involved in parenting, treatment, education, and employment can help those addicted or trapped in a revolving door of crime.


Instead of defunding police agencies... we can enhance training, prohibit dangerous tactics like choke-holds, and offer programs for officers suffering from post-traumatic stress, as found in his Police Accountability Bill that became law this year

At the same time increase police accountability standards while improving the administration of justice for all people.

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Tax & Spending: We Must Get a Grip!

Let’s face it, Minnesota is still rated as the 6th highest taxed state in the nation! Businesses in “low-tax” states have competitive advantages due to Minnesota’s excessive government-imposed taxes, fees, and regulations. 


By reforming government, reprioritize spending, adopt reasonable regulations, cutting waste and worn-out government projects, we can reduce spending and taxation while improving the job market for all.


“I will continue to fight for the repeal of income tax on senior citizen’s Social Security benefits. Government spending should not fiscally threaten our families, our jobs, and those on fixed incomes.”

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Healthcare: Reform Must Continue!

We must continue to offer and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions as we continue reform! 

To keep health insurance costs down we need to offer more choices to consumers, create new methods to better scrutinize drug pricing and health care billing transparency, and allow those with individual plans to join larger insurance pools to absorb risk, and re-establish a revised Minnesota high-risk pool in order to lower premiums overall.


Make it easier for people to move to more appropriate programs instead of once a year!  Encourage prescription medications to be manufactured in the USA in order to secure future supplies. Those with mental illness need quantitative, as well as qualitative treatment opportunities

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JOBS… JOBS… JOBS? A New Path Needed Soon!

It is time to be competitive and promote financial security! 


Minnesota ranks as the 47th worst climate for business opportunities. Our state does not provide the essential building blocks to start a new enterprise. We need to recognize and value businesses that bring fulfilling jobs and quality income to our people. A well-educated workforce, lower taxes, and reasonable regulations will attract private investment and create quality job growth with strong wages. 


“A family’s financial security should come from a good job, not a government program.” 

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Transportation: It's About Priorities!


We have done well in promoting local improvements on Highways 494, 94, and 610. Instead of raising more gas tax or auto sales tax for future roads and bridges, we must first exhaust all other funding opportunities:

  • Continue the use of bonding (loans at current record-low rates) to freeze costs and start new construction without delay.

  • Focus first on unfinished projects to free-up metropolitan bottlenecks that slow the system.

  • Continue to scrutinize every aspect of state spending and direct the savings of duplicated and wasteful government spending on transportation improvements or other needful priorities.

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Education: Out Largest State Investment! 


Despite record spending in education programs (46% of our total $48-Billion is committed to our education budget), some school districts see little increase due to unfunded mandates, complicated formulas, and political deal-making.  We need to remodel education funding to provide equal, cost-efficient, and quality education for all our children.     


Listening to parents, we must keep local control of our schools and in spite of COVID-19, keep working to get our kids back to school safely while encouraging innovative reforms that give all our kids an exceptional learning experience.


To keep university costs down, freeze college tuition, continue to promote college credits during high school years, and improve vocational and technical trade offerings to address the growing demand.